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VF II Calais or Caprice V

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About the VF II Calais or Caprice V:

These genuine GMH ex-BRAND NEW vehicle take-off rims from vehicles that were upgraded before the customer took delivery of the new vehicle. Rims have never been on a public highway and have had the original tyres removed from them.

GMH OE VF 2 CAL V 1985 5-120 E48 GMMF

Finish on these rims is machine faced spoke with silver inlay.

Please note, single wheel sales DO NOT include caps.

Nuts & nut covers are an optional extra. 

For fitment to pre VE Commodores (VR-VZ), you MUST select one of the Machined options. Unless machined to suit, wheels will not fit pre-VE Commodores. If required with tyre set, be sure to purchase wheels from the correct Commodore VR-VZ model category.

Nuts and Machining option pricing below based on sets of 4 but will be broken down individually if rims are ordered in singles:

VE-VF nut kit $200 Genuine GMH VE nuts and nut covers ONLY for VE fitment
Machined for VR to VZ $120 Machine centre bore to suit VR to VZ
Machined & nut kit for VR to VZ $260 Genuine GMH nuts and nut covers with machined centre bore to suit VR to VZ

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