HSV Pentagon

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About the HSV Pentagon:

Save up to $1000 on staggered rim sets.

Discount already applied to staggered wheel & tyre packages. To purchase staggered rim set follow these steps:

  1. Click HERE to open the rear wheels in a new window
  2. In both windows, change QTY to "2" and click ADD TO CART
  3. Apply voucher code RIMSETPENT in the cart to receive discount!

Finish is machine face with silver inlay. Genuine HSV alloy wheel with HSV logo cast into the rear of rim.

Please note, single wheel sales DO NOT include caps.

Nuts & nut covers are an optional extra. 

For fitment to pre VE Commodores (VR-VZ), you MUST select one of the Machined options. Unless machined to suit, wheels will not fit pre-VE Commodores. If required with tyre set, be sure to purchase wheels from the correct Commodore VR-VZ model category.

Nuts and Machining option pricing below based on sets of 4 but will be broken down individually if rims are ordered in singles:

VE-VF nut kit $200 Genuine GMH VE nuts and nut covers ONLY for VE fitment
Machined for VR to VZ $120 Machine centre bore to suit VR to VZ
Machined & nut kit for VR to VZ $260 Genuine GMH nuts and nut covers with machined centre bore to suit VR to VZ

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